Twitter VIPs don't see as many ads as everybody else

Some might not be seeing ads at all.

Twitter's most prominent members have apparently been enjoying an ad-free (or an almost ad-free) experience these past few months. According to Recode, the microblogging website has started experimenting with giving VIPs special treatment way back in September. The publication's sources say it's a move the social network decided to undertake in an effort to make sure its most active users continue to tweet. We guess the company believes having popular personalities on the website can entice more people to sign up and help it achieve the growth it needs.

Simply being a popular celebrity isn't enough to land you in the VIP area, though: the company reportedly selects people based on their tweet numbers and on how many people those tweets reach. Us common folk who don't make the cut can look forward to seeing new ad types in the future. If you're wondering if Twitter's losing money over this, well, we'll bet the VIP pool's quite small and it doesn't impact its earnings much -- the company has bigger problems at the moment.