Chrome is now faster and more reliable on iOS

There's also a data-saving extension for desktop web surfers.

Google's Chrome browser has a loyal following on iOS, but it's certainly not for the speed or reliability -- it has long used a second-tier iOS web rendering engine (UIWebView) that isn't nearly as polished as what you get in Safari. At last, though, it's catching up. The latest iOS version of Chrome now uses a newer engine (WKWebView), giving it performance much closer to Apple's own browser -- it's "significantly" faster, particularly when it comes to JavaScript. You'll be glad to hear that it's much more stable, as well, with a crash rate that's a whopping 70 percent lower.

And don't worry, desktop users, you're getting some updates of your own. There's a new Data Saver extension that compresses websites, helping you get that much more web surfing out of a slow connection or a capped data plan. Also, Chrome itself now puts the icons for your extensions right next to the address bar, so it's easy to spot and remove a rogue add-on. Both the iOS and desktop upgrades should be available today, so you won't have to wait long to give the new features a shot.