Chrome gaming add-ons steal your Steam inventory

They claim to help your Counter-Strike game, but they'll ruin your day.

Beware browser add-ons that promise to boost your Steam-based games -- you might be in for a rude surprise. Security gurus have spotted a known scammer offering Chrome extensions that claim to change your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive theme or help you gamble, but do nothing more than steal from your Steam inventory. It's not the greatest loss if you're a victim (the malware isn't compromising the games or your Steam account), but it'll probably leave you crestfallen if you spent ages collecting rare virtual objects.

The extensions appear to have been yanked as of this writing, and the offending Steam account has been banned from trading. And if you did install any of this rogue code, you only have to remove the extension to wipe your system clean. Still, this shows why it pays to be cautious with extensions, even with Google's recently tightened policies in place -- it only takes one too-good-to-be-true download to create chaos.