Circuit City is coming back

Watch out, Best Buy. Circuit City is coming back this year, but it may look a little different.

RadioShack's recent demise isn't keeping Circuit City from getting back into the retail business. According to Twice, a publication that covers tech industry news, Circuit City is preparing to return soon. The report claims the company, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008, will be opening a new store in Dallas, Texas this coming June, led by the efforts of a new ownership group. Circuit City's also said to have the support of many major brands, including Canon, Intel and Sony, after holding successful meetings at CES 2016.

Naturally, Circuit City plans to look different than it did before. The new stores are expected to be targeted at millenials, featuring minimal design aesthetics inside and products such as 3D printers and drones, as well as smartphones, tablets, laptops and headphones. Owner Ronny Shmoel said the goal is to have 50-100 corporate-owned locations, plus 100-200 franchised spaces. And because you need a website to survive these days, is going to relaunch in the spring, too.

[Image credits: Associated Press, Twice]