Reddit starts testing its official Android app

Sadly, you can't sign up for the closed beta anymore.

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Mariella Moon
January 29th, 2016
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Reddit starts testing its official Android app

Reddit is finally developing an official Android app, and it has started its closed beta testing phase today. CEO Steve Huffman has announced the development in the middle of a long post talking about how Reddit has changed over the past year and what's in store for its users. Unfortunately, you can't sign up for the beta testing phase anymore, and only those who volunteered to test it back in December have gotten access today.

9to5google and Android Police both had the chance to try it out and posted a number of screenshots showing the app's blue/white (day) and black (night) interface. They both agree that like other software and apps still in beta testing, it still suffers from bugs and could benefit from more features.

Huffman didn't say when the app will be released to the public, but there's no shortage of third-party Reddit applications you can use till then. He did reveal, however, that the company's also developing an iOS version. It's unclear if that one's completely separate from Alien Blue, which Reddit snapped up and turned into its official iOS app in 2014.

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