Apple ends its free iTunes Radio service

Beats 1 is now your only free Apple streaming option.

As anticipated, Apple discontinued the free, ad-supported version of iTunes Radio today. If you used the service to create your own radio stations and want to continue to do so, you'll need to join the paid, premium Apple Music service. Desktop and iOS users who try to access the service will instead be a redirected to an Apple Music signup screen. Similarly, if you've been filling in missing iTunes tracks with your own collection using Match, you'll be unable to do so without joining Apple Music.

If you still need free music, the only way to get if now from Apple now is via Beats 1. By keeping that separate from Apple Music, which has no ad-supported option, Apple has been able to offer exclusive content from artists like Taylor Swift and Pharrell. As a reminder, the service costs $10 a month, though there's a free, three-month trial available -- just don't forget to cancel it if you don't want to be billed automatically after the trial expires.