Convert your tired table into a powered standing desk for $400

NextDesk's cheapest ever desk is still not cheap.

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Convert your tired table into a powered standing desk for $400

NextDesk has long offered standing desks, which are argued to have health benefits over regular desks that you sit at. Its latest product is a powered desktop solution that can "convert" your regular desk to a standing one.

Okay, so it's not actually converting the desk. Instead, it's a workstation that can support up to 100 pounds (45kg). At the press of a button, it can raise up to 20.75 inches (53cm), and with an optional keyboard accessory it can raise up your keyboard and mouse also.

The NextDesk Crossover comes in six wood finishes, and a choice of three metals from the mechanism. It starts from $400 (£279), but with optional extras that entry price quickly escalates. With a programmable controller, keyboard holder and monitor bracket, for example, it'll set you back $574 (£400). If you're interested, you can head to NextDesk's store to check it out. Pre-orders are live now, with an estimated ship date sometime in March.

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