Samsung will lend you a free Galaxy Note 5 while you're in Korea

South Korea wants tourists to know that it's a tech-savvy country.

Getty Images

South Korea really, really wants you to know that it's a technology hub, and it's willing to offer some unusual perks to tourists to underscore that point. The Korea Tourism Organization is teaming up with Samsung and SK Telecom to offer free Galaxy Note 5 phones to "select" visitors coming through Seoul's main airport (about 250 per week) for up to five days. The hope, of course, is that you'll be so impressed with the country's mobile technology prowess that you'll share it with your friends back home. You only get 1GB of data, but that beats paying through the nose for international roaming or local prepaid service.

You can apply for one of the phones on the KTO website starting in late February. It's unclear whether or not this program will have an impact. After all, you may already be well-acquainted with Samsung's phones if you're aware of this promotion. Not to mention that South Korea's technology industry doesn't need a lot of marketing help in the first place. If you think Samsung has a strong presence in your neck of the woods, it's practically unavoidable on its home turf -- it makes sitcoms based on its work environment, for goodness' sake. If anything, this will help tourism simply by keeping you connected during your stay.