Evernote to stop selling notebooks, scanners and socks

It wants to refocus on "building and perfecting the Evernote experience."


Evernote is still one of the most popular and fully-featured note-taking apps, however as a business it's been struggling of late. Following extensive layoffs and the departure of its long-time CEO Phil Libin, the company is cutting back on nonessential projects. The latest is Evernote Market, an online store where it sells physical goods such as "smart" notebooks, scanners and styluses. Most of these are complimentary to its software, making it easier to transfer handwritten notes. While useful for users, the entire initiative was probably a distraction for Evernote.

The products will still be available, however Evernote won't be responsible for selling or fulfilling the orders. Instead, the company will simply point customers to other sites where it's possible to buy them. "We plan to continue adding partners and integrations that strongly and elegantly complement Evernote," the company stresses in a blog post. Whether or not that comes to fruition, the decision to close Market should allow Evernote to focus entirely on the core app. That's important, given Premium subscriptions is the key to its long-term success and profitability.