Google staffer makes his own smart bathroom mirror

Wouldn't you like to catch the day's news while you're combing your hair?

Smart mirrors are everywhere in tech companies' visions of future homes, but they never seem to show up in real homes -- at best, you might find them in fitting rooms. That just wasn't good enough for Google's Max Braun, though. He recently built his own smart bathroom mirror, and it even matches some of the lofty expectations set by concept videos and sci-fi movies. Thanks to the combination of a two-way mirror, an Amazon Fire TV Stick and a display board, Max gets the weather, news headlines and other key facts while he's busy brushing his teeth. All it's doing is calling on data that would normally go into a Google Now card -- Max can even use his voice to search for info, like a tech-savvy version of Snow White's Evil Queen.

This is just a "messy" prototype at the moment, and Max hasn't been too specific about how it works. However, he's teasing the possibility of a more detailed making-of post, and notes that the mirror only needs a "few hundred lines" of code to work as slickly as it does. There's a chance that you'll get enough info to build your own smart mirror well before you can find one sitting in your local home supply store.