Nordstrom's smart fitting room helps you find fresh outfits

You've probably had that moment in a store fitting room where you realize you're trying the wrong clothes, but would rather not get dressed again just to check out those pants in a different color. If Nordstrom succeeds with its new eBay-designed fitting room, you won't have to. The experimental technology turns mirrors into interactive displays that give you many of the shopping options you'd have if you were browsing the web. You can not only see if the store has clothing in a different size or style, but have staff bring it to you -- handy if you're still half-naked.

Nordstrom is only testing these dressing rooms in two stores located in San Jose and Seattle, and the technology will expand further if the trial run proves successful. You'll have a few other places to try out a similar shopping experience, though. eBay recently installed the technology at Rebecca Minkoff boutiques in New York and San Francisco, and a third upgrade is coming to Los Angeles in 2015.