Facebook's latest feature is a supercut of your friendships

It's all in celebration of Facebook's 12th birthday.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|02.04.16

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Nicole Lee
February 4th, 2016
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Facebook's latest feature is a supercut of your friendships

Today is Facebook's 12th birthday, or as CEO Mark Zuckerberg likes to call it, Friends Day. To celebrate the occasion, the social network is introducing a new personalized video experience that essentially automatically collates together your friendships and memorable moments in a video that you can share with your Facebook brethren. And in case you want to change out a photo or two in the clip, you're free to edit it as well. Facebook users will start seeing these pre-populated clips starting today at the top of their News Feed and you can also click a "Watch Yours" link underneath a friend's Friends Day video to see it.

On top of the new video product, Facebook also announced that its community is growing closer. In a blog post, the social network announced today that despite having doubled in size over the past five years, the degrees of separation between Facebook users have decreased from 3.74 degrees to 3.57 degrees. The company says this is a "significant reflection of how closely connected the world has become." And last but not least, Facebook is also introducing a couple of new friendship-themed sticker packs called "Best Friends" and "Friendship" today.

Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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