Yesteryear's malware was gorgeous in its simplicity

The Internet Archive has pacified MS DOS-era viruses and put them into The Malware Museum.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is apparently devoted to preserving all parts of the web's history and that even extends to malware and viruses from the MS DOS era. The good news is that you can peruse a pretty sizable collection in the Malware Museum now without worrying that they'll wreck your machine. Like the nigh-forgotten PC games it has collected over the years, the malware plays within browsers. To a point, they're even somewhat interactive. I wasn't able to get the "CHKDSK" command to work, but that may be an effort to accurately portray this nightmare from yesteryear. You know, where, no matter what you tried, you were stuck watching idly as personal data went up in a cloud of digital smoke.

Like The Next Web notes, some of them are even kind of gorgeous in their own spartan way now that they've been pacified. Who knows, taking a virtual walk through the halls might even trigger a couple pangs of nostalgia from the days before your parents kept calling to fix their spyware-ridden laptops.