The new 'Ghostbusters' is getting its own LEGO set

It's heaven for budding spirit catchers.

The Ghostbusters reboot might be a geek's dream in more ways than one. LEGO has offered a peek at a new Ghostbusters set that recreates all the main characters and their gear in glorious detail, including the signature ECTO-1 car and an ECTO-2 motorbike. The new box of plastic bricks doesn't spoil too much of what's coming in the new movie, although there's a Red Daemon character (the new nemesis?) and hints that the assistant, Kevin, gets possessed.

It won't be cheap to fight small-scale supernatural foes. LEGO releases the set on July 1st for $60, two weeks ahead of the movie itself. However, that might be worth it if you want to acquaint your kids with the Ghostbusters universe or put an elaborate tribute on your desk. One thing's for sure: LEGO won't face the uproar that Hasbro did with its early Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and games. Hasbro initially excluded Rey from some products despite her being the heroine, suggesting that it didn't think boys would play with girl characters; clearly, that isn't a problem here.