You can now buy MSI's eye-tracking laptop

MSI's GT72S Tobii comes with eye-tracking technology to let your peepers do the talkin'

MSI has revealed that people can now pick up the flagship GT72S laptop for the princely sum of $2,599.99. Unlike other high-end gaming devices, this one has a trick up its sleeve: Tobii's eye-tracking sensor technology. We've previously showed you prototypes of the kit, but after six months in the labs, it's now ready for prime time. As before, the device's extra sensors will let your eyes interact with the game as long as there's support for it. So far, titles like Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, Assassin's Creed: Rogue and Elite: Dangerous are all able to take advantage of the GT72S' extra hardware.

There's also a new feature that the pair are talking up -- the ability to share the position of your eyes as an overlay onto any streams that you share online. If you use a platform like XSplit Gamecaster, then you'd better just be careful not to spend too much time staring at something you shouldn't since other people will be watching. In addition, Tobii is boasting that its technology will be able to see what you're peeping at in "any room under any lighting conditions," making it perfect for that late-night deathmatch. Oh, and you can use eye tracking-based passwords and use other Windows utilities, should that take your fancy.