Amazon Japan has free on-call wine advisors

Protip: Champagne goes with everything.

In some cities, Amazon will deliver you alcohol, including wine, within an hour. But which one to choose? Japanese enthusiasts will now get help thanks to the new Sommelier service. Between noon and 5 p.m. ET, you can leave your number and one of the site's professional wine advisors will call back to let you know if a Chinon has good body and vanilla overtones, or whatever. You can also tell the sommelier what you're serving, and they'll recommend a wine based on your budget. In one example, they suggest a Beau Rivage Blanc French Bordeaux or a KWV Classic Collection Pinotage from South Africa for yakitori skewers.

If you chat with a sommelier and promptly forget everything, they'll also follow up with an email summary of your conversation. There's no word on whether Amazon will bring the service elsewhere, but Japan would be a good testing ground, as its site offers nearly 8,000 different wines. There are even more than that in the US store, with drastically varying prices, and god knows the clueless among us can use all the help we can get.