'Final Fantasy IX' is now on iOS and Android

It's never been easier to visit Gaia.

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'Final Fantasy IX' is now on iOS and Android

You could argue that Final Fantasy IX is the long-running series' high point. It's certainly the highest-rated Final Fantasy game on Metacritic, even if its sales and nostalgic value pale in comparison to Final Fantasy VII. Putting that argument aside for a moment, it's easy to say that it's definitely a game worth playing if you like JRPGs. And now -- less than two months after it was announced -- it's available on iOS and Android. The bar for entry has never been lower.

The mobile port includes "high-definition movies and character models," autosave, achievements and a collection of "game boosters" that let you essentially cheat your way through the game. You can speed up time, cut out random encounters or hit every enemy for 9,999 damage. The idea of the boosters is to make the game, which in its original incarnation involved well over a full day's worth of grinding, more playable for casual gamers.

If grinding on a phone or tablet isn't your thing -- or you don't have a phone with the necessary 8GB of free space to install it -- Final Fantasy IX will also be coming to Steam in "Early 2016," together with the enhancements mentioned above and some Steam trading cards.

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