Carphone Warehouse's 'iD' network adds free data rollovers

And it's available to both new and existing customers.

When Carphone Warehouse's iD mobile network launched in May last year, it promised flexible plans that would suit the differing needs of consumers. International roaming was a big draw, as was unlimited data, but it wasn't long before out all-you-can-eat internet was phased out in favour of a 20GB ceiling.

With a restriction on how much data can be used, Carphone Warehouse has come up with a new way to incentivize customers. It's launched a "Data Rollover" feature that will new and existing subscribers on 12 or 24 month plans carry over any data they don't use into the following month.

The company says data that has been rolled over will always be used before customers' standard monthly data and is available free of charge. With the majority of providers now shying away from plans that offer unlimited data, customers may be tempted to join a carrier that gives them exactly what they pay for, even if they don't use it.