Dr. Dre will reportedly star in Apple's first original TV series

'Vital Signs' sounds like a dramatic, semi-autobiographical look at Dre's life.

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Rumors have swirled about Apple building its own TV service for untold months now -- and the company has also been rumored to be creating its own original content, ala Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and basically every other streaming service worth its salt. Now, The Hollywood Reporter says it has details about the first Apple original series. Vital Signs is reportedly a six-episode series starring Apple employee Dr. Dre in a dark, "semi-autobiographical" role.

As for the show's distribution, it sounds like Apple isn't waiting to have its TV service off the ground -- instead, the series will debut on Apple Music as an exclusive for subscribers. Just as the exclusive Taylor Swift concert Apple Music hosted was available to watch on the company's Apple TV device, it makes sense that Dre's show would be similarly available. But it's not clear if the show will also be available to purchase through iTunes for those who don't subscribe to Apple's streaming music service.

The show is being headed up by Paul Hunter, a longtime music video director, and will also star Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae, says The Hollywood Reporter. And the subject matter sounds a bit risqué for Apple -- apparently one episode features a full-on orgy scene. The six half-hour episodes are expected to debut simultaneously, though there's no word on the release timeframe yet. It would be a bold move for the company, but not entirely unexpected given Dre's close ties to Apple. We've reached out for comment and will update this post if we learn anything else.