Skype has Valentine's Day video cards for you to send your loved one

The messaging platform's push on all things Valentine's Day continues.

Animated emoji with music composed by Paul McCartney is't the only way Skype wants you to connect for Valentine's Day this year. Today, the company is announcing a new series of video message Valentine's Day cards that you can send to anyone you want. Just as it did over the holiday season last year, these video message cards let you record a quick message and add a variety of themed video filters over the top. While you'll make the recording in Skype itself, you can send these any way you want. You can save the video to your phone and share with any of the services you have installed as well as just send it as a standard Skype message.

Microsoft said it was surprised at how popular the cards it made for Christmas were, so it decided to tackle the next big holiday on the calendar. If Valentine's day cards do as well as the holiday season cards did, wouldn't surprise us to see more themed cards roll out as the year goes on. You can go and create your own card and share it starting today using Skype on your mobile or on your computer.