ICYMI: Cotton Candy body parts, robotic bartender and more

Is that spun sugar or human tissue?

ICYMI: Cotton Candy Body Parts, Robotic Bartender and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Vanderbilt University scientists whipped up some human capillaries by using a cotton candy machine to properly shape channels for the blood vessels. A Kickstarter project is selling a tiny video camera attachment with a flexible cord to aim and drop it into places you normally can't see, like inside a car engine. And the University of Maryland is training a robot to make drinks by watching a human; a process that is far more adorable than you'd first think.

There are lots of great stories out this week, but we'd first recommend reading up on how ripples in the fabric of spacetime do really exist, then how Marc Andreesen managed to insult nearly everyone from India.

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