Instagram adds two-factor authentication to protect its users

The social network says it's rolling out the feature "slowly."

Instagram has become quite a powerful social media platform that its 10 most famous accounts boast over 30 million followers each. Maybe that's why it has decided to add two-factor authentication as another layer to its security cake. The Facebook-owned app has confirmed to Engadget that it's rolling out two-factor authentication "slowly." It might take a while before you can activate it, but it's bound to make its way to every user.

TechCrunch noted that the service started testing two-factor late last year, but it worked quite differently from what we're all used to. It gave people reset codes that they had to screenshot or write down when they activated the feature. The version rolling out today, though, is your typical two-factor that texts authentication codes whenever you log in.

Instagram serves as home to A- to Z-list celebrities, a lot of whom make money by posting about products and brands. It has become such a hot target for hackers, a simple Google search brings up both websites that claim they can hack other users for you and those that list instructions on how to recover a compromised account.