PayPal's redesigned mobile app makes money transfers easier

The company's new app makes sending money top priority.

If you're a fan of sending money with PayPal while on the go, a new version of the company's mobile app aims to make the task easier. As you might expect, handling transactions is the most popular task for the software, and the redesign makes those controls the main attraction. The home screen now shows recent transactions, recent contacts and allows you to quickly resolve any pending requests. In fact, separating transactions based on what's pending and what's completed is a welcome change that should make keeping tabs on your finances a bit easier. It's also easier to pay for things like Yelp Eat24 orders with the app. For Android users, PayPal says it improved fingerprint scanning for more devices, too.

Behind the scenes, PayPal's new app is built on a platform that allows it to push updates more efficiently. This means that all 145 markets where the software is available will be privy to new features quickly, and the company can customize the app to meet the needs of a particular locale. The new version is available now on both iOS and Android, so you can take advantage as soon as you nab the update.