Omate's kids smartwatch does 3G calls and reliable tracking

It'll even be offered by mobile operators and insurance companies.

Smartwatch connoisseurs should already be familiar with Omate, the maker of one of the first full-Android watches with cellular connectivity. Given the recent surge in the number of kids smartwatches, it's no surprise to see Omate also announcing one, which is dubbed the Wherecom K3. It's essentially a plastic version of the company's earlier TrueSmart+, featuring the same 1.54-inch 320 x 320 touchscreen, 1GHz dual-core chip, 3G radio (1900 MHz for US or 2100 MHz for Europe), Micro SIM slot, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Android 5.1. The additional benefits here are the swappable 20mm straps and obviously the lighter weight. Unlike the DokiWatch, though, there's no camera nor waterproofing on the $129 Wherecom K3, but it'll be available from retailers in April which is one month ahead of its competitor's shipping date.

Furthermore, to address parents' concerns regarding security and reliability, there'll be an enhanced version sold through mobile operators and insurance companies from June onwards. This will feature Monitorlinq's location-based alert services that are fully integrated into the mobile operators' networks; it's the same platform that powers the SpareOne Plus emergency phone. With a guaranteed 99.995 percent uptime from Monitorlinq, there should be little to worry about so long as you keep an eye on your Wherecom K3's battery level, which claims to last up to two days.