Adobe Lightroom mobile brings more desktop tools to Android

New features include 'shoot-through presets,' dehaze tool and split toning.

Adobe's Lightroom mobile got a handful of useful desktop features on iOS back in December, and now those tools are available on Android. In terms of more robust editing, the Android version now offers a dehaze tool that will help with any fog and haze adjustments on a photo. There's also split toning for adding color to the shadows and highlights of an image and a targeted-adjustment feature for those more precise tweaks. A point mode in the Curve tool gives you full control over the contrast and tone of the snapshot you're editing. If you make changes that you want to carry over to other images, Lightroom mobile already gives you the ability to copy/paste them on another photo.

With an update to version 2.0, the photo-editing app now offers a built-in camera and "shoot-through presets" that offer a preview before you take a photo. Those settings are nondestructive too, so if you select one after the image is taken, you can still access the original. What's more, you can capture those images in Adobe's DNG RAW format for higher-quality files.

Adobe nixed the Creative Cloud requirement for Lightroom mobile last year, and the app is now free to use. If you're looking to give it a go, the new version is available at Google Play now. The gallery above includes edited/unedited sample images, in case you're in need of some further convincing.