'Carmageddon' comes to PS4 and Xbox One this year

'Max Damage' will try to shock you on modern consoles.

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'Carmageddon' comes to PS4 and Xbox One this year

Carmageddon enjoyed a brief (if imperfect) revival on PCs and mobile a few years ago, but what about living room gamers? Don't worry, you'll be covered soon. Stainless Games has revealed Carmageddon: Max Damage, an upcoming take on the car- and pedestrian-crushing racing game for the PS4 and Xbox One. The title promises a ton of things to do, including four online and six offline events, 30 vehicles, 10 open environments and 90 power-ups. However, the studio isn't shy about sticking to the series' core look-at-us-we're-controversial formula -- this is still about running over pedestrians in creative ways, and smashing into the occasional car while you're at it.

The game doesn't have a firm release date beyond sometime this year. Whether or not it succeeds is also up in the air, for that matter. Stainless' earlier Carmageddon revival wasn't exactly a hit, so Max Damage will have to spice things up if it wants to rekindle fond memories of the 1997 original.

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