Halo's Arbiter is picking a fight in 'Killer Instinct'

What would you have your Arbiter do?

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Mat Smith
February 22nd, 2016
Halo's Arbiter is picking a fight in 'Killer Instinct'
If it's not Akuma in Tekken 7 or Cloud Strife in Smash Bros., now it's Halo's Arbiter who's coming to Killer Instinct. The addition was teased earlier this year at PAX South, but we finally get to see how the (once) Halo protagonist will look and fight. According to the teaser video, the Arbiter is bringing his rifle and glowey knife... thing to KI's rogues gallery on Xbox One and Windows 10 this March. Naturally, there's a Halo-themed staged coming too, as well as another character, Kim Wu. The third season will, naturally, include a bunch of balancing tweaks and adjustments to ensure that everyone gets a fair fight. Or at least close to one.
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