Mighty is like an iPod Shuffle for Spotify

The device houses offline playlists in a more portable package.

It's no secret that running with your phone, well, it kind of sucks. Whether it's in your hand, tucked into your waistband or strapped to you arm, toting a handset during a workout isn't super convenient. To offer a better solution, a team of Samsung, Qualcomm and MOG alums created Mighty. The iPod Shuffle-sized device allows you to listen to Spotify playlists without having to carry your phone. All you have to do is fire up the companion app, sync those offline playlists to the gadget via Bluetooth or WiFi and you're good to go.

When I first heard about Mighty, I immediately questioned if Spotify was on board with what the company is doing. As it turns out, Mighty has been talking to the streaming service about the project for over a year. In fact, the device uses features that are available to Spotify users already and it complies with the required monthly sync for royalty purposes. Don't worry, that takes place in the background so you don't have to futz with it. With Spotify, you're allowed up to three offline devices, so Mighty just counts as one of those.

In terms of the device itself, Mighty is housed in a soft-touch rubber shell with a handy clip. The on-board controls handle all of the usual tasks: track skipping, volume adjustments and play/pause. There's a tiny button in the top corner that allows you to scroll through playlists. How do you know which one you're on? Mighty reads the name of the list so you're not left guessing or waiting for the first song to start. Inside the Mighty app, you can pair the device with your phone and manage which playlists are synced. When the time comes to make changes, the app sends you over to Spotify but keeps a header across the top of the screen to display memory space and sync status.

2GB of built-in memory stores your tunes, which Mighty says is good enough for 48 hours of music. As far as battery life goes, you can expect five hours of playback before needing to recharge. However, the company is working to double that time, and aims to push a software update that will do just that after launch. Speaking of launch, Mighty is live on Kickstarter for those willing to pitch in at the crowdfunding stage. A pledge of $79 will nab you one when the device ships in November.