'Axiom Verge' is absolutely, definitely still coming to Vita

Developer Thomas Happ shows off the game running on Sony's handheld.

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'Axiom Verge' is absolutely, definitely still coming to Vita

The glorious Metroid-style nostalgia bomb that is Axiom Verge will hit the PlayStation Vita soon, developer Thomas Happ says in a blog post this week. In fact, a playable version is already up and running on Sony's handheld -- rather, it's running on Happ's handheld. The rest of us will have to wait a little (emphasis on little) while longer to play Axiom Verge on Vita.

"Here's the good news: The game is ported," Happ says. "It runs and is playable! Anyone who has worked on a porting project can tell you that that represents the biggest hurdle.... So from here on out, our focus is on cleanup, polish and bug fixing."

Happ announced Axiom Verge as a Vita game nearly two years ago. It's since launched on PlayStation 4 and Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, to a fair bit of critical acclaim. It's a sidescrolling action title starring a scientist battling various monsters across an alien planet, and the whole thing is inspired by classic games like Contra and Metroid.

Happ refrains from setting a launch date for the Vita version, but he's confident it'll be ready to roll soon.

"I don't want to fail to meet expectations and continue to disappoint those of you who have been so patient and supportive," he says. "However, I am very comfortable in announcing that we're in the home stretch. It's everyone's top priority, and we're getting closer every day. Thank you all for your continued patience and support."

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