Rimac's electric hypercar will be shown off in March

The first of eight production ready models will debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Rimac's electric hypercar will be shown off in March

It feels like forever since Croatian car manufacturer Rimac announced its Concept_One electric hypercar. Five years after we first saw the vehicle, the company is finally ready to show off the production model at next month's Geneva Auto Show. It'll be the first of eight Concept_Ones the firm will build and sell to the public, although you'll suddenly think that a Tesla is a bargain when you see the price. According to Autoblog, picking up one of the vehicles will cost you the better part of a million dollars.

That said, you will be getting exactly what you pay for, since Rimac has committed to creating what it sees as the perfect electric car. For instance, with the motors baked into each wheel, a whole new powertrain and chassis had to be built for the car to correctly distribute its weight. It's a similar situation in the cabin, which is stuffed full of bespoke components that have been built specifically for the Concept_One and no-one else. In fact, the company says that it had the goal of producing as much of the car in-house as it could, all the way through to the batteries.

All of that boils down to a car that has a top speed of 220 miles an hour and can get from 0 to 62mph in just 2.6 seconds. Despite looking like a fair-weather sports car, its all-wheel torque vectoring, so the company claims, makes it better at hill-climbing than any combustion engine vehicle. Maybe we can all kick in a few dollars a piece and get one that we can take turns driving once every couple of months. Then again, the fact that the company hasn't revealed when we can actually buy the thing means we could still be waiting a few more years.

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Rimac's electric hypercar will be shown off in March