Pandora brings its music discovery feature to Android

Make use of that Browse feature that debuted on iOS last month.

Pandora is quite useful when you don't know exactly what you want to listen to. However, the internet radio service's Android app has never looked that great. With an update to the software for Google's OS, Pandora cut out some of the clutter that made using the app a chore. Up top, there's now a slider button to bounce back and forth between the My Stations and Browse lists. That Browse feature already debuted on the iOS version. If you'll recall, it takes into account all of the songs you like (or thumbs up) and serves up suggestions based on your preferences.

Feed, Profile and Settings options that used to be on the main screen were moved to a secondary menu on the left side. The change lets you get to your music quickly, which is certainly a welcome addition to the Android app. The trademark blue theme was nixed in a previous version, but you'll still catch that hue on the Now Playing screen. After picking up Rdio, Pandora brought in some of that streaming service's aesthetic to its apps and that overall look still remains.