Google DeepDream experiment takes you on a trippy VR journey

You'll need a VR headset to go on this trip.

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Mariella Moon
February 27th, 2016
Google DeepDream experiment takes you on a trippy VR journey

Google's latest VR experiment involves feeding footage captured by its 360-degree camera rig through the DeepDream machine. Since the company's DeepDream program uses a neural network to transform ordinary images into surrealistic, dream-like artwork, the result is a psychedelic virtual reality experience. If you'll recall, the big G's 360-degree VR platform is called Jump, and it uses a 16-camera circular rig co-designed by GoPro. Google has been uploading videos taken with the rig on YouTube for a while now, but this particular experiment is something new.

Jessica Brillhart, the tech corp's Principal Filmmaker for VR, has uploaded the project's first video on YouTube. As you can see below, it's a bit headache-inducing when seen with the naked eye. You'll have to use a VR headset -- Google, of course, recommends Cardboard -- if you want to be swept away into a world of mind-bending colors and patterns.

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