Google starts selling Cardboard VR viewers through its store

You no longer have to go through others to get the low-cost virtual reality gear.

Believe it or not, Google hasn't offered Cardboard through its own online shop -- you've had to go through third parties to get a taste of its virtual reality experience. Logic is finally prevailing, though, as Google has started offering Cardboard through its in-house store. Pay $15 ($25 for two) and you'll get the bring-your-own-phone VR solution straight from the source. The offering isn't alone, either. It's joining a new VR section in the Google Store that highlights the Mattel View-Master and other VR gear. You probably bought Cardboard a while back if you were really, really eager to give it a try, but look at it this way: this is a simpler way to see what the fuss is about if you're a relative newcomer.