Razer reveals the first games for its VR developer kit

Half-Life 2 and Elite: Dangerous are part of the early mix.

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Razer reveals the first games for its VR developer kit

Razer and the OSVR alliance have been working on their developer-ready VR headset for a while, but they haven't said much about what you'll play on this early hardware. That's a bit odd for technology that revolves around gaming, don't you think? Never to fear, though, as the first games have arrived for OSVR's Hacker Development Kit. They're mostly what you'd expect for a SteamVR-compatible device: a pair of Valve classics (Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2), a popular spaceflight game (Elite: Dangerous) and a racing title (Live for Speed). About the only outlier is Spermination, a shooter that's about as odd as its name suggests.

The initial catalog isn't going to reassure you that your $300 headset purchase was a wise idea. That's not really the point, though. This is more about getting a feel for what OSVR can do than anything else. The party really starts if and when OSVR hits the mainstream, and SteamVR games are relatively widespread.

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