'Rocket League' will get a physical release later this year

This new collector's edition will feature exclusive new content.

The ridiculous but delightful Rocket League -- a game that basically lets you play soccer with rocket-powered cars rather than human beings -- was one of the surprise indie hits for the PS4 and Steam in 2015. Earlier this month, it hit the the Xbox One, and now we're learning that you'll soon be able to buy a physical copy of the game. Rocket League: Collecor's Edition will be released in retail stores around the world in Q3 of this year and will include the three DLC update that have been released thus far as well as some additional retail-only content.

What that extra content will be hasn't been announced yet, but the game's active fanbase will certainly want to keep their eyes peeled for it. While there's definitely some double-dipping going on here, hopefully that retail content will also be available to download for people who bought the digital version of Rocket League. And as the game was originally released on the PS4 free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, there's a good chance that lots of players haven't shelled out any cash for it yet -- those that have become devoted fans might not mind dropping some cash on the new ultimate edition. We'll have to wait to find out how much it'll cost and when exactly it'll be released, though.