Watch the fastest-ever electric skateboard run

Ever traveled at nearly 60MPH on a battery-powered plank?

Updated ·1 min read

There's no doubt that electric skateboards can get you around town in a hurry, but they don't hold a candle to this. Mischo Erban recently set a Guinness world record for the fastest speed on an e-skateboard, hitting 59.55MPH on NGV's four-motor NEXTboard as he blazed down a Slovenian runway. Was it dangerous to ride at highway-level speeds? You bet -- as you'll see in the video below, Erban took a tumble that could easily wreck an unprotected rider. Don't try this at home, folks.

You probably won't use a board like this on the street any time soon as a result, but the good news is that this isn't the end point for high-velocity motorized skateboarding. NGV is working on a race series that would use electric longboards, recreating the speed of downhill races anywhere there's enough flat asphalt. If the company pulls it off, it might capture the thrill of motorsport on a much more personal scale.