Energizer intros rechargeable batteries made from recycled cells

The new Energizer Recharge line helps the environment while it saves you cash.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Energizer broke fresh ground when it made the first disposable batteries from recycled cells, but that immediately raised a question: where are the rechargeable versions? As of today, they're here. The company has introduced new Recharge AA and AAA cells that are the first to be made using old batteries. About 4 percent of their material comes from used power packs, including those from hybrid cars -- yes, the leftovers from your Prius could one day power a kid's toy.

The figure is still a long way from Energizer's goal of using 40 percent recycled material by 2025. You aren't exactly saving the planet when you pick up batteries for your wireless mouse, then. Regardless, this is probably the most eco-friendly option you have -- and anything that helps fight e-waste and excessive mining is good in our book.