Business card with built-in ECG is perfect for cardiologists

Yes, the electrocardiograph actually works.

Some people can make business cards that stand out and show off their skills. Take for example, that one engineer who created a card that lights up and that programmer who designed one that can play Tetris. But what if you're a medical professional, specifically a cardiologist? A company called MobilECG has created a business card that's directly connected to your field: it has a built-in ECG that actually works. According to its blog post, the device has sensors that measure "the real ECG signal between the users' hands," so long as their thumbs are touching the finger pads.

Of course, you'll have to explain to patients that while it works, MobilECG created it as a toy. The Hungarian startup clearly states that it's "not suitable for diagnostic purposes," so they can't abstain from getting an actual ECG done. The company is gauging people's interest in the card at the moment and is planning to sell it for a rather hefty price of $29 per if it ever decides to release it. If you have the skills to make small electronic devices from scratch, though, you can try to create your own version. The card is open source, and MobilECG posted all its codes and schematics (PDF) online.