Microsoft is ending support for Skype on TVs

No more video calls on your big screen starting this summer.

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Sally Anscombe via Getty Images
Sally Anscombe via Getty Images

Microsoft announced the integration of Skype in Office Online late last year. So you could collaborate and co-edit documents using the video call and chat service. Starting today you can do the same in OneDrive. The conversations will stay linked to the document-in-progress so you can have all the context and history slapped on for future reference. While Skype is being integrated firmly into online tools to boost interaction, Microsoft has decided to discontinue the Skype for TV app.

According to the company's blog, "users have changed the way they use Skype, with the majority accessing it from a mobile device – including when in the living room." With that switch in user behavior, most TV makers are expected to remove the application from "some or all of their TV models" starting in June this year.
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