IBM Watson powers Hilton's robotic concierge 'Connie'

It can answer guests' questions about the hotel and tourist destinations.

IBM Watson is training for yet another job at the Hilton McLean in Virginia. The hotel has recently welcomed a new concierge named "Connie," you see, and it's actually a Nao robot powered by IBM's AI. Connie, named after the chain's founder Conrad Hilton, can greet guests when they arrive and answer questions about hotel amenities, schedule and services. It was designed to improve the more it interacts with people by storing every question guests ask for future reference. Besides answering inquiries about the hotel, Connie will also be able to recommend tourist spots, restaurants and other destinations, since it has access to WayBlazer's travel platform.

The companies called Connie's debut a "pilot," so we might see more Connie-Nao robots in other Hilton hotels in the future. If you're going to Japan, though, you can opt for a more futuristic experience. The Hen-na Hotel has a robotic staff, including humanoid machines that can take you straight to uncanny valley.

Hilton's Robotic Concierge Powered by IBM Watson