Immerse yourself in Vive's VR with two mixed-reality videos

Building a 'Fantastic Contraption' never looked so cool.

Kert Gartner

Fantastic Contraption launches with the HTC Vive virtual reality headset on April 5th and it promises to take advantage of the technology's coolest features. It's a full-body kind of game that challenges you to craft objects that can overcome physical obstacles to reach specific points in the world. If that description doesn't excite you, take a look at these mixed-reality demo videos featuring Fantastic Contraption developer Colin Northway and get hype.

Fantastic Contraption started life as a non-VR game in 2008, and since then, players have saved more than 12 million strange and useful contraptions. Things will probably get even more wild with the fresh perspective offered by the Vive. Plus, just listen to those sound effects -- they're packed with satisfying pops and pulls.

We recently took the Vive for a spin at home and found it to be, in a word, magnificent.

Fantastic Contraption mixed reality demo