360fly hopes you'll livestream mobile VR video

Thanks to an app partnership, you can deliver a 360-degree look at your bike ride.

There's no shortage of 360-degree cameras to add a dash of virtual reality to your adventure videos. However, livestreaming that portable VR hasn't been realistic for most people... at least, not until today. 360fly has teamed up with Livit to offer livestreaming VR to most anyone with one of 360fly's cameras and a modern smartphone. So long as you have Livit's Android or iOS apps and a high-quality data link, you can share VR video as it happens -- that bike ride should be considerably more immersive. You'll need to shell out at least $399 for 360fly's gear ($499 if you're waiting for the 4K model's release in April), but it could be easy to justify if ordinary action cameras just won't cut it.