Google wants you to livestream Android games

It's also giving you a way to try games from ads without downloading them first.

Google is about to introduce some behind-the-scenes frameworks that should make playing and sharing Android games considerably easier. On top of expanding Android game recording to let developers add the feature themselves (due in the "coming months"), it's adding a live streaming feature. If you want to share your Alto's Adventure exploits on YouTube as they happen, it'll be an option. Details aren't available as I write this, but it could do a lot to expand the live game streaming community beyond console and PC players.

Also, Google is making use of Android app streaming to reel you in to those games. It's offering a special marketing format, the Search Trial Run Ad, that lets you try Android games in the browser for up to 10 minutes -- you don't have to jump to the Play Store and download the title first. As you'd guess, you'll get an invitation to install the game afterward if you're enamored with the experience. While it's a calculated marketing ploy, it could help a lot if you've ever been curious about a game but didn't want to commit to installing the whole thing right away.