Philips' latest Hue lights help you sleep

Hue white ambiance bulbs change shades to fit your body's sleep cycles.

Philips has smart Hue light bulbs that produce flashy colors, but what about bulbs that change just enough to give you a good night's rest? You're set after today. The lighting firm is trotting out Hue white ambiance lights that offer color temperatures which mimic natural light, helping you sleep naturally. Combined with new "routines" in an upcoming version of the Hue app, they can shift gradually to reflect day and night cycles -- a sleep mode can use dimming light to replicate the sunset, for example, while "wake up" brightens the area. There's even a nightlight mode to help kids get back to sleep after wandering the hallway. Logically, the new Hue offering should also be useful for creating different moods. You could have cool, crisp lighting in a workspace, or warmer temperatures in the living room.

The Dutch firm hasn't mentioned prices yet, but it'll offer individual bulbs, integrated lighting (such as lamps) and a starter kit that includes two bulbs, a HomeKit-friendly controller and a dimmer switch. The white ambiance bulbs will arrive sometime this spring, and the integrated lights should be ready in the fall. Philips is relatively late to smart lighting like this, but the launch is still good news if you've had a hard time finding pseudo-natural lighting in stores.