Jay-Z pulls another album from streaming services he doesn't own

Other music services are losing access to the 'Blueprint' albums.

While Jay Z took his album Reasonable Doubt off Spotify just before he launched his own music service , the artist has recently pulled his Blueprint albums. Pitchfork noticed the disappearance of the 2001 album from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. You can still listen to the majority of Mr. Carter's back-catalogue on music services besides the one he owns -- although he won't make as much money from it.

A Spotify rep told Pitchfork that: "Jay Z's Blueprint albums have not been available on any streaming service except Tidal for a few months now." Reasonable Doubt and the Blueprint albums can't be found on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon's own music service. Thanks to the complicated nature of music labels, you shouldn't have trouble finding at least some of Jay Z's hit tracks, courtesy of albums compilations.