Pope Francis is starting his own Instagram account (update: live)

Just don't count on seeing many papal selfies.

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Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images
Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images

The Catholic church under Pope Francis is already quick to use the internet to spread its message, but it's about to kick things up a notch: the Vatican has announced that the Pope will launch his own Instagram account, "Franciscus," on March 19th. It's not certain what he'll be snapping, but it's likely that it'll take a different approach than the Vatican's existing Instagram account. The big question is whether or not the Pope will take photos himself -- it'd be great to see a few papal selfies as Lent winds to a close, but we won't be shocked if it mostly amounts to others posting on his behalf.

Update (3/19): Sure enough, the Pope's account is live.

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