Telltale reveals the first details of its 'Batman' game series

It'll bring the studio's familiar game mechanics to the Dark Knight's story.

When Telltale Games confirmed late last year that it was working on a Batman game series, it didn't reveal much beyond the game's very existence. At last, though, it's ready to dribble out some details. The series will translate at least some of Telltale's character-driven formula to the Caped Crusader's story when it arrives this summer. Unlike Rocksteady's games, the emphasis is as much on Bruce Wayne as his alter ego: choices you make in Wayne's private life will influence what he faces as Batman (and vice versa), including whether characters will go through "corruption or redemption." You'll even have the option of dealing with certain scenes as Wayne or Batman, no doubt with far-reaching consequences.

As for the general style? It'll be set in the modern day and should have the gritty vibe of an "R-rated film," but it won't be realistic. Much akin to Telltale's flagship The Walking Dead adaptation, you should expect comic book art brought to life (with the influences of artists from the past 75 years, the company says). You won't see companions like Robin or Nightwing surface, either. It's far too soon to say whether or not the game will be any good -- we don't even know what villains are involved yet -- but it's evident that Telltale doesn't want to simply rehash the stories from other developers.