The People's Operator now has a super-cheap 4G plan

The 30-day, SIM-only tariff includes 2GB of 4G data for just 7 quid per month.

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The People's Operator now has a super-cheap 4G plan

When The People's Operator (TPO) launched in the UK in 2012, it stood out for two reasons. On the one hand, a quarter of the company's profits are piped into a charitable foundation, and 10 percent of subscriber spend goes to a charity of their choice. Kudos where kudos is due, but initially high data costs seriously limited the MVNO's potential audience. In subsequent years, TPO -- which piggybacks on EE's network -- has improved the attractiveness of its tariffs, though they've remained 3G-only. Today, however, TPO has finally caught up with the times, announcing its first 4G plan with 2GB of data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts for £7 per month.

We probably don't need to tell you, but we will anyway: That's seriously cheap, especially considering you aren't locking yourself into a lengthy contract. The SIM-only, 4G tariff, like TPO's 3G options, is available on a 30-day rolling contract, with out-of-allowance charges set at 3p per MB and 10p per minute. The one catch is only new customers can sign up for it at the moment, but TPO plans to release more LTE tariffs for both new and existing customers starting in July this year.

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