YouTube wants in on the mobile livestreaming game

YouTube Connect sounds like Google's stab at a Periscope-like app.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

YouTube Gaming might not be taking off the way Google's video wing expected, but that won't stop the outfit from taking inspiration from another growing video sector. VentureBeat reports that "YouTube Connect" is the video service's attempt at livestreaming a la Periscope and Facebook Live. You can log in with a Google or YouTube account (you haven't merged those yet?), plus there's a built-in news feed, chat and tagging -- but apparently no Facebook or Twitter sharing yet.

YouTube currently offers livestreaming via the Creator Studio app, of course, but last year both Periscope and Meerkat showed how streamlining access could bring this to the masses. Anything could change before it launches, but the upcoming Google I/O event looks like a great opportunity to hear more about the company's plans.