Take a 360-degree video tour of Google's Oregon data center

Grab a Google Cardboard and take in the sights.

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AP Photo/Google, Connie Zhou
AP Photo/Google, Connie Zhou

Google's latest 360-degree video provides a virtual tour of its data center in The Dalles, Oregon. We've seen glimpses of Google's server farms before, through Street View and other high-res photography, but this new upload offers a better sense of immersion. It's also presented by Sandeep, one of Google's developer advocates, who explains each room and interviews some of the data center staff. The video is highly curated, but there are some fascinating shots and tidbits, including a biometric eye scanner that every employee has to pass through. There's also a monstrous hard drive shredder and a look at Google's colorful mechanical equipment room.

You can watch the video on YouTube in your browser, clicking around to change the perspective, or with a VR headset like Google Cardboard.

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